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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Our class teachers for 2018-19 are Mrs Bannister in Acacia Class and Miss Murray in Bonsai Class.


Our LSAs (Learning Support Assistants support the class teachers) are Mrs Crosbie and Mrs Davies.


Our SSAs in Year 6 (Special Support Assistants work with individual named children) are Mrs Canning, Mrs McCarthy and Mrs McAuley


Our Year 6 Class Parent Reps are Andrea Dockerill (Acacia Parent Rep) and Rebecca Keyland (Bonsai Parent Rep).

About Us and Our Timetable 2018-2019


PE Kit: Tuesday


Please ensure your child has their PE kit at school ready for use and that all clothing is clearly named. Children should have indoor and outdoor PE shoes. As the children will often be taking part in PE lessons outside, a warm hoodie would also be recommended, as would a sunhat and water bottle. See website for uniform policy.




  • Maths – to be given out on Thursday and due in on Monday
  • Topic/Literacy – Learning Log to be given out on Thursday and due in on Monday. There may be circumstances where the Learning Log homework may take place over two weeks.
  • Reading 3 times per week – ask your children questions about what they are reading and encourage them to read more often.
  • Spelling – to be set on the online Spelling Jotter ( and checked by the teacher, there will then be a spelling test that goes into their homework books each Wednesday. Please ensure you review your child’s progress and continue to work on any spelling corrections.
  • 5² mental maths – given out weekly and checked the following week


Please ensure that you write in your child’s homework book if you have any questions or comments. This will allow us to determine whether the work is of an appropriate level. We will respond to these comments and questions.


For further guidance and support please go to the homework and learning logs area of our website at:


Junior School Homework Email Addresses:


Each class in the Junior School now has an email address to use to send in electronic versions of homework. These are only for sending in homework and no emails will be replied to so please do not use these addresses to communicate with staff.


Year 6: or


For further guidance and support please go to the homework and learning logs area of our website  - link below.


Pencil case contents:

Pencil, Pencil sharpener, Ruler (30cm), Rubber, Pen, (Colouring pencils/pens)


During the coming year we would really appreciate donations of:

  • Tissues for the classroom
  • (Appropriate) newspapers for painting
  • Old shirts to use as painting aprons
  • Hobbies magazines – guitar, computer (not gaming) etc. Please check for inappropriate content.



Before break

After break

Before Lunch

After lunch

Before home time


Literacy & spelling


Guided reading



Literacy & spelling


Guided reading



Literacy & Guided Reading


Spelling Test





Guided Reading


Singing Assembly






Guided Reading


Golden Time