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Wed 25th March email

Dear School Family

As our school's Emotional Literacy Support Assistant I thought it may be useful for me to stay in touch with some examples of activities that you might like to enjoy with your family.  Some of these are activities that we have used in our school nurture groups or in ELSA sessions to promote good mental health. This week's idea is really useful to promote mindfulness, to clear the mind, to create and then to talk about what might be happening in the picture.

Use a tray, box lid or dish and forage for things to make a picture with. Once you've found different colours and shapes, arrange them into the tray and make a picture, it can be abstract, copied from a story book or an event in your life. I had a lovely time making mine, a daffodil lighthouse with a stormy sea and sky. The little boat is called Hope.

Although I did mine quickly I could've happily spent a couple of hours playing around with this. Trying to make tiny letters was tricky but fun and very mindful.

After you've all finished, talk about your picture. Where has the boat been? Where is it going? Who is on it? Have you ever been on a boat? What colour would your boat be? Would you like to live in a lighthouse? Obviously this could be done with indoor things too.

I had to stop as Budds got bored!

Warm wishes to you all


Mrs Rock