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Wed 13th May email

Hello everyone,

Seeing all the lovely bright colours in people's gardens at the weekend celebrating VE day, reminded me how  important colour is.

Colour has the power to make us feel lots of emotions such as happy, relaxed and energised. 

My youngest daughter loves yellow, the word 'yellow' was one of her first. She has a yellow bedroom, a yellow car and a yellow coat. I think she will always love yellow! 

Do you remember that I was decorating my room over Easter? Well, I'm very happy that I finally finished painting it at the weekend. 

The colour makes me feel happy and full of energy.

How does it make you feel? My mum says it gives her a headache! 

But that's the brilliant thing about us all being unique, colour affects us all in different ways. I have lots of bright things at home and at school. Lots of them were presents from people who know me really well. 

Ask your family about colours:
Which colours do you like?
Do you know why?
Which colours do you like together? I love bright green and blue together. Also bright orange and pink.
If you have bright Lego or crayons see which look the best together.
Are there any you don't like? Do you know why?

I hope you have a colourful week and I hope to see you all soon.

Mrs Rock