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Sports Council

Our Sports Council

Two children, a boy and a girl, are selected from each class by their peers as representatives on the sports council.  We aim to meet at least once per half term to discuss PE at our school and the wide range of sporting activities and opportunities that are offered us. We also plan how we as a council can support these activities and look for ways to develop new ideas our friends would be interested in trying out. 


Our role on the council means we:


  • prepare equipment for use in PE lessons and tidy it away afterwards 
  • look after our school’s equipment by storing it carefully around the school for future use 
  • let our teachers know when equipment is lost or needs repair


At the sports festivals organised by the Sports Partnership we:


  • represent the school as council members
  • support the festival activities by leading and taking on responsibilities 
  • write reports on the festivals to be published on the Sports Council website and school notice board
  • provide feedback on how successful the festival was


Throughout the year we:


  • support the various sporting and PE events that take place in and out of school
  • help ensure the smooth running of our week-long sports week
  • provide a way for children across the school to have their ideas and opinions represented on the council 


Our overall aim on the Sports Council is to help ensure all of our friends can access and enjoy as much sporting activity as possible at school. We know that when we are happily achieving together in sport and PE we are also nurturing our future success.