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Junior School Shop


The Junior School Office sells stationery. Most items are kept in stock and are available to buy direct from the School Office.


Children can buy items before 8:55am and during break time. Payment can be made by cash or by cheque payable to Chalfont St Giles Junior School.


Second hand uniform and limited stock of current uniform items are also available to buy, from the School Office, on Fridays between 08:45 and 09:15 and from 15:15 to 15:45.

Junior School Shop Prices




HB Pencll - 20p

Hand Hugger Pencil - 40p

Pencil Grip - 40p

Pencil Sharpener (with container) - £1.00

Eraser/ Rubber - 10p


Handwriting pens

Berol Pen -  40p

Hand Hugger Pen -  50p


Glue Stick - £1.00

Pencil Case (No contents) - £1.00

Plastic Folder - 80p

Protractor - 30p

Ruler (30cm) - 60p

Ruler (15cm) - 20p

Whiteboard Pen -  50p

Whiteboard Rubber - 50p


Pencil Case (Filled) Large - £5.00

Pencil Case (Filled) Small - £3.50


Uniform Ties

45" school tie - £4.00

Elasticated school tie - £3.50


All the above are available to buy from the School Office (Before or After School or during break or lunchtime for children & during normal school hours for parents).


Other uniform items are available from PMG Schoolwear


We have some second hand uniform items available and a limited stock of current school uniform - occasional sales are held on Fridays at the beginning and end of the school day and dates will posted vie the weekly email.