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Wed 29th April email

Hello everyone,

What a change in weather the last couple of days. I like rain, I like the way raindrops look like little shiny pearls, I like watching slugs and snails gliding about, I like watching puddles filling, I especially like the way everything looks and smells so fresh afterwards. 

After my chilly walk today I made myself a mug of hot chocolate and whilst drinking it (delicious), thought about you all. The chocolatey smell reminded me of the ATA room after we make hot chocolate there. Some of you at school sometimes join me for a hot chocolate whilst we chat and you know how lovely the ATA room smells afterwards. 


Perhaps if you get the chance you could have something to drink with a member of your household and take some time to talk about how different smells make you feel. We did this today and it was funny. 

"Woodsmoke makes me think of campfires and talking with friends"
"Lavender reminds me of my Nan hugging me"
" Manure in the fields reminds me of my Grandad's farm"
"Smelly nail varnish reminds me of my daughter"
"Baking bread reminds me of my Mum"

It's been lovely seeing some of you out and about and waving from a safe distance.

Beryl the guinea pig does not like the rain and would much rather be munching dandelions in the garden. 


Keep safe everyone and enjoy talking about smells.

Mrs Rock x