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RM Easimaths (Infant School Login and Password Required)

My Maths (Junior School Login and Password Required) -


Nrich Maths - Primary KS2 -


Some Maths Skills and Games Websites:


Topmarks -

Math Playground -

Fun Brain Math Arcade -

Maths Zone -

Coolmath4kids -

The Playground -  (links to lots of different maths games – you will need to have Flash installed to play some of the games) 

BBC Bitesize - KS2 -

BBC Bitesize – KS2 – Maths

BBC Skillswise Maths Home page – easily link to specific maths skills sites from here -

Ambleweb Subtraction Machine – subtraction test – various levels of difficulty – games and strategies  - for students

ICT – move the plane to shoot the answer to a given question

Ambleweb Tables Tester -

Sites with a wide range of activities and games:

Fractrotron – more or less than half -

Fraction Monkeys -  

Equivalent fraction activities -

Hang out the shirts on the washing line -

BBC Education – Maths – Laddergame (needs shockwave software) -