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Snow Procedures

Snow Procedures


Here are the arrangements for our communications in the case of severe weather.

Naturally, we make every effort to keep the school open, although sometimes the condition of the site and the availability of staff make it impossible to operate safely.

Communication takes place via the school website and email from school.  Please do not telephone the school; this would block telephone lines and we are likely to be working with a skeleton staff first thing in the morning.

There are three status categories:

RED  -  the school is closed

GREEN  -  school is open and operating entirely normally

AMBER  -  there will be some amendments to normal arrangements;  i.e. a later start to allow staff and parents time to travel.  Start time will be posted on the school website and communicated to parents by email


Snow Clearance


If there is heavy snow on the ground and forecasts show that no more snow is expected we will clear our school sites as soon as possible. We will need support to do this so a representative from the school will contact the Parent Class Reps who will initiate a contact chain for each class asking for help. We will need adult help at this time and we ask that no children are on site so that we are able to work quickly and effectively.