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Wed 20th May email

Hello everyone

I've just been out for a lovely early morning walk with Buddy and Axel. I took a couple of minutes to be still and enjoy being in the moment. 

Many of you who come out with me will have practised this with me and I thought it might be helpful to share it with you all, whatever age you are.

This really helps to relieve anxiety and can be used anywhere as it can take just a few seconds. 

At the Infant school we always stop on our way to the cottage and it really puts us in the present and helps to stop us feeling anxious. 

This is what we do. 

Stop and take a couple of  deep breaths, in your nose and out your mouth. 

Notice the cool fresh air as it enters your lungs. 

Ask yourself:

What can I see?
What can I hear?
What can I feel?

This morning on my walk: 

I saw a tree.
I heard birds singing.
I felt cool air on my face.

At home:

I see a book.
I hear the washing machine
I feel the floor under my feet.

Enjoy the present. 

Be in the moment.

We can practise this by taking the time to really look at things. If something grabs your attention, take the time to stop, look at it closely, notice it's colour, it's texture, it's smell. 

Practise this often, say it out loud, it will become second nature and it will help you to stop worrying about the past or the future but focus on the present.

Some of you from the Junior school may remember this postcard on my window.


Much love to you all

Mrs Rock