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KS2 - Monday 11th May

Dear All,

This week’s P4C activity is all about bravery. What do you think bravery means? Talk to your grown up about bravery and what it means to you.


Now watch the clip called ‘Bravery’ on   You will need to scroll down the page to find the 3rd video clip called ‘Bravery’


Has the clip changed your mind about anything? Did it make you think about bravery in a different way? Are there different sorts of bravery?


I think that we are all being brave at the moment. You should be very proud of how brave you are!


Best wishes,


Mrs. March

Spot and Stripe - 33. Bravery

Spot and Stripe love to argue about juicy questions, and they invite children to carry on the discussion! To use with your chlldren, simply press play. If you're watching at home - ask them who they agree with - Spot or Stripe? Fun conversation can be enjoyed as a family, or with two or more siblings talking together.