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The Junior School Day

March 2021 update - from Final Details letter of 24th February 2021


We are really looking forward to welcoming your child back into school on 8th March and are busy preparing for their return.


The Government guidance is clear -our legal responsibilities are to prevent contamination and to respond to any infection.


The re-opening of schools is a big step and we need to ensure that we follow all guidance. I realise that some of the steps we are taking might appear a bit over the top but we have to adhere to our legal responsibilities. All we have done is translated the guidance into action for our school.

Rules/ ideas might change as time passes - I certainly hope so- but we need to open with this guidance at the forefront of our minds.


Please note the following arrangements for your year group.


The first day of school for the children is 8th March. Please can you or a nominated adult follow these drop off and pick up arrangements.


Gates will be open from 8.45 to allow flexibility for parents when dropping off children across both schools. We have also provided registration times so that you can plan which children to drop at which site at which time.


Members of staff will be on duty and teachers in class.


Please drop your children at the gate and they will be sent directly into class where their teacher will be waiting for them. We understand that for some children they may struggle with their new routines for the first few days. If your child would like you to enter the playground with them, please do this and make your way to your child’s classroom. Please drop your child at the door. Parents and carers are not allowed into classrooms for safety reasons.


Registration will begin at 8.50 for Year 3 and 5.

Registration will begin at 9.00 for Year 4 and 6.


At the end of the day the parents can enter the school site and wait in the playground near the Hillside Close path for Year 3 and 4 and the upper playground near the field for Year 5 and 6. The children will be brought to the playgrounds by the class teachers and dismissed from there. You may leave by any of our gates. Please keep socially distanced throughout this process.


Dismissal for Year 3 and 5 will be 3.15

Dismissal for Year 4 and 6 will be 3.25


If another adult is picking up your child and they are not on your nominated list, please email the school office and let them know who will be picking up so that staff hand your child over to the correct person.


If you are late please phone the school and come to the main Parsonage Road entrance.


We will of course be flexible to allow parents to get from one school to another where there are similar drop off times for siblings and groups of children.


Please ensure that you keep younger siblings safely with you. Please do not allow them to play on or with any of the equipment.




We will be viewing each year group as a ‘bubble’. Keeping the children and staff as consistent as possible. The bubbles will be kept separate and will not be able to mix with each other. Regular handwashing will take place and children will be encouraged to follow good respiratory hygiene: coughing and sneezing into elbow or tissues. ‘Catch it - Bin it – Kill it’ will be used to remind children.


These bubbles will be taught a broad and ambitious curriculum which will engage and motivate the children. Staff are busy planning the learning and are ready to welcome the children back.


A copy of the full letter is available here

We hope that the following information will be helpful for parents and children at the Junior School. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the office staff who will be happy to help.


Our School Day - in more normal circumstances

The first school bell rings at 08:45. Pupils are expected to make their way to their classrooms when this bell rings to put away bags and coats, and then read or work quietly under teacher supervision until the second bell at 08:55. It is important that children are in class by second bell, when registration takes place.


Pupils are not supervised by school staff until the first bell rings at 08:45, and should come into school when the Lagger Close and Lower Playground/Hillside Close gates are unlocked at 08:40.


The three school gates are (1) Main School entrance gate on Parsonage Road, (2) gate onto lower playground accessed via the Hillside Close footpath (path runs from The Deanway up to the playing fields) and (3) gate by Lagger Close.


Children attending Breakfast Club or Maths Club will be able to access the school via the Main School entrance from 08:00. (The Main Parsonage Road Gate will be open and access will be via the main school entrance only).


Second bell goes at 08:55 for registration. Pupils arriving in class after 08:55 will be marked late. Pupils who miss the class register should report to the School Office to be marked as present and to place their school meal order.


Third bell goes at 09:00 to mark the start of lesson time.


The Lagger Close and Lower Playground/Hillside Close gates will be locked at 09:05, so the only access for children arriving after 09:05 will be via the main school entrance on Parsonage Road.


Morning break is between 10:40 and 10:55.


Lunchtime break is between 12:20 and 13:20. 


Afternoon registration takes place immediately after the lunch break and the afternoon session starts at 13:35 after a whole school exercise session.


The school day finishes at 15:30


At the end of the school day Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 children must be collected from their class by an adult. In the summer term children in Year 6 may request permission to make their own way from their classes to a pick up location agreed with their parent or carer, such as one of the school gates or the zebra crossing.


The Lagger Close and Hillside Close gates are unlocked at approximately 15.25, as is the side gate adjacent to the staff car park


Any children that are not collected directly from class will be taken over to the main school office and they can be collected from there. If children are still waiting after 15:45 we will try to contact either a parent or carer as appropriate.


Older children, with permission to make their own way from class during the summer term, are asked to come back to the school office if they have not been met by an adult at their designated meeting point after school.


We politely request that parents do not drive into or park in the staff car park without permission.

Safe Zone


Our Parking Promise letter gives further details of our Safe Zone but we ask that parents avoid driving on School Lane, Parsonage Road, Lagger Close and Hillside Close. Parking permits for the Blizzards Yard Car Park are available from the School Office.