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Wed 24th June email

Hello everyone


This first part is for all you lovely parents. 


It's ok not to be ok. How many times have we seen this? How many times have we shared it on social media? But how many times have we said "I'm not ok?" 


What does it mean? To me I think it means I'm overwhelmed, 


My children are all grown up now, but we have a rule, possibly our only rule, that if someone isn't ok they will ring and simply say that. It's happened a couple of times now and it was very powerful, everyone leapt into action and everyone was, by the end of the day ok. 


Recently, over lockdown I noticed someone in my family wasn't ok. I knew by body language, by the sighing and huffing.... I just knew. But as I tried to help, I got stuck. Unusually, I didn't know what to say. At that point I realised that actually at that moment I wasn't ok either. I was tired, busy and well, just fed up. I just wanted to go for a coffee in a cafe!! Or maybe even lunch? Who can even remember that!


I desperately tried to think of helpful words... But no. Mind was blank. So I just said it. "I'm sorry, I know you need me but I'm struggling today too and I don't know what to do."


Big hugs all round, we sat in the garden, under a parasol in the rain with a drink and we just talked, sometimes we sat in silence. Neither of us was ok, but by the end of the day we were both very ok. 


Sometimes we parents don't have the answers, we can't fix everything. Just being there is often enough. 


I know things are really difficult, none of us really knows what's happening, but I really believe that we will be ok. 


For your even more lovely children. 




I hope you are all ok, it's been lovely seeing some of you out and about and some of you at school. I've really enjoyed our chats. It's also been lovely seeing and hearing some of your new skills. I've only done a few of the things that I'd hoped during lockdown ( I have discovered I'm a bit lazy!) but my favourite activity has been baking. 


Making bread has been my most favourite. This is focaccia bread with rosemary and garlic and plant based cheese, basil and tomato.


Every week I make a cake and take it to my Mum when I drop off her shopping. I've made rhubarb cake, (which wasn't great!) Lemon drizzle cake and loads of banana bread.  I know some of you have been baking cakes too. 


So last week I made two cherry cakes, one to take to my Mum and one for us at the weekend. 


Guess who forgot to hide the cake? Yes, me! 


Ax got the cake off the table and then he and the other dogs ate it! Look how ashamed Budds is!


He really was sad, but it was all fine, I made a quick replacement which turned out better then the other. 


You will all be learning new skills this summer, whether it's baking or playing board games, recognising and dealing with your emotions or winning arguments with your brothers and sisters!


Little Skittles is recovering well, thank you for asking about her. 


Mrs Rock x