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Teaching & Learning Approach

Happily Achieving Together - Nurturing Success


The values of care, friendship, resilience, honesty, responsibility for yourself and others underpin the aims of the school. These values are taught actively through the curriculum, assemblies and experiences and modelled throughout the school.


Emotional Wellbeing and our Nurturing Approach


Children’s social and emotional wellbeing are important in their own right but also because they affect each child’s physical health and can determine how well a child can achieve at school. We prioritise the core skills of emotional literacy, developing resilience and self-esteem through our whole school nurturing approach.


To read more about Emotional Wellbeing and our Nurturing Approach click on the link below.

Positive Learning Behaviours and Growth Mindset


Inspiring children to develop positive leaning behaviours encourages them to be engaged and take responsibility for their own learning. These behaviours, values and attitudes are promoted implicitly across the school and through our nurturing approach and explicitly through assemblies, Personal, Health and Social Education and circle time.


Gem Power rules promote these positive learning behaviours and through teaching and learning of the curriculum the children are encouraged to identify where they are using these powers and talk about how they have helped them and others.


To find out more about our Gem Powers please click on the link below.

Our approach also includes a clear focus on Growth Mindset. We know that when we encourage a Growth Mindset in children then they become enthusiastic learners. A Growth Mindset means that their intelligence can be developed which has a positive effect on their motivation and subsequently their achievement.


To find out more about Growth Mindset please click on the link below