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Wed 2nd June email

Hello everyone

I hope you are having a good week and enjoying the continued sunshine. 

Thank you for the positive feedback, I am glad that some of you have been trying the mindfulness . I can see, I can hear, I can feel. It really is a useful activity to get used to being in the moment.

Thank you also for the enquiries about Buddy's sore leg. It is finally almost better and his bandage is off! 



I thought this week I would share another resource that lots of you will have seen before. 

This is our worry tree, I know that some of you already have this stuck on your fridge. 



Notice the worry.. How does 'worry' feel like? How does your body feel?

Try and identify your worry.

Can you do anything about it? If so make a brief plan. Eg. 'I'm worried because I don't want to sit on my own at lunch' 

Your plan could be 'I will ask my friends to line up with me so we can be together'

When you've made your plan let the worry go. You might imagine popping it like a balloon, stamping on it, destroying it with a light sabre. Whatever works for you. 

Think about something else, we all need a simple thought that we can refer to. Mine is stroking the lovely Buddy's ears. (They are very soft and silky) 

If you can't do anything about your worry then let it go and think your calming thought. It may be that the worry isn't yours and you need to let someone else deal with it. 

I hope this helps, it is so much harder explaining it in an email than going through the worry tree with you!

I think of you all a lot and you always make me smile.

Much love

Mrs Rock.