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Infant School Staff - guess the pet quiz answers

Answers to Infant - Guess the Pet


1.    Woody is Mrs Fowkes’

2.    Scoobs is Mrs Ratcliffe’s

3.    Milo is Mrs Brittain’s

4.    Holly is Mrs Lee’s

5.    Misty is Mrs Lee’s

6.    Daisy is Mrs Knight’s

7.    Rosemary and Thyme are Mrs Lee’s

8.    Chicken is Mrs Lee’s

9.    Poppy is Mrs Court’s

10.  Cleo is Mrs Gillam’s

11.  Newton is Mrs Court’s

12.  Olive is Mrs Pearsall’s

13.  Teddy is Mrs Knight’s

14.  Bixie is Mrs Lawrence’s

15.  Gio is Mrs Herriott’s

16.  Chocolate and Snowflake are Mrs O’ Dwyer’s

17.  Bob is Mrs Coleman’s

18.   Tabby is Mrs Mannion’s