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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Mr A Haywood                                      

Deputy Headteacher Infant School     

Mrs K Mannion

Deputy Headteacher Junior School 

Mrs P English


Miss S Pierpoint

School Business Manager

Mrs J Allison

Nurture Groups - Crystals & Comets

Mrs C Rock (HLTA & ELSA)           

Site Manager

Mr A Cato

Infant School & Nursery

School Secretary

Mrs A Dawson & Mrs H Draper

Finance Officer

Mrs T Monger


Mrs J Lydiatt

Kitchen Assistants

Mrs J Lydiatt, Mrs D Lewis

Midday Supervisors   

Mrs P Warman, Mrs S Preston, Miss A Dawson, 

Miss L Alty

Junior School

School Secretary       

Miss H Clowes                   

Finance Officer

Mrs T Monger                                

Admin Assistant

Mrs M Wallace

Kitchen Assistants

Mrs D Fitzgerald,  Mrs L White            

Midday Supervisors

Mrs P Lawrence, Mrs L McCarthy, Mrs V Smerdon, Miss T Sells, Mrs L White

Teaching Staff  -  2023-2024

Year 6




Class Teacher

Mrs F Mannick


Class Teacher

Mrs R Spencer



Mrs C Davies, Mrs D Starrs & Mrs P Thomson



Mrs D Fitzgerald

Year 5




Class Teacher

Mr T O'Sullivan


Class Teacher

Mrs S Mehta



Mrs L McCarthy
 SSAsMiss L May, Miss S Sabetian, Mrs S Salmon, Mr M Shankland.& Mrs H Vrbicka

Year 4



AcerClass Teacher

Mrs L Rooney (Mon-Wed) & Mrs N Baker (Thu-Fri)

PalmClass Teacher

Mr J Holmes

 LSAMiss T Sells

Year 3



AshClass TeacherMiss C Balaam
OakClass Teacher

Miss G Payne

 LSAMrs P Lawrence

Mrs L Chambers, Miss M Rogers, Miss S Sabetian & Miss V Smerdon

Year 2



AmethystClass TeacherMrs M Watt (Mrs J Ketley for 1 day a week)
DiamondClass Teacher

Miss M Martin (Mrs J Ketley for 1 day a week)


Mrs Y Gillam & Mrs T Moore

 SSAsMrs N Gilbert & Mr M Walker

Year 1



EmeraldClass TeacherMrs A Bannister (Mon -Wed) & Mrs E Burge (Wed-Fri)
RubyClass TeacherMiss A Foxe

Mrs F Knight & Mrs J Herriott


Mrs B Dewhusrt, Mrs S Manzoor, Mrs A Mossop & Miss G Watts


Foundation Stage


PearlClass TeacherMrs L Stainbank & Mrs A O'Dwyer (Fri)
SapphireClass TeacherMrs L Haynes & Mrs A O'Dwyer (Thu)
 Nursery NurseMrs N Smit

Mrs C Brittain

 SSAMrs S Manzoor, Mrs J Douglas


Foundation Stage



Mrs T Ballard (Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri) & Mrs N Shreeve (Wed)

 Nursery Nurse

Mrs K Fowkes


Mrs E Byrne, Mrs J Jukes & Mrs P Van Vollenstree



PPA Cover Teachers

 Mrs H Fawcett, Mrs F Holt & Mrs R Keyland


LSA – Learning Support Assistant (support whole class)

HLTA - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

ELSA - Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

SSA – Special Support Assistant (support individual children)

LSA and SSA staff provide lunchtime supervision at the Junior School.

PPA Cover - teaching staff who cover class teachers statutory planning and preparation time.