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Wed 1st April email

Hello everyone, 


I have so enjoyed seeing all the lovely rainbows in windows this week, such fun looking out for them on my daily walk. 


I've noticed that people are putting teddies in their windows this week so we can go on bear hunts too. I've lots of toys in my window but have added Teddy Jubilee and also big Teddy Edward who my Nanny and Grandad gave me when I was seven. I hoped the dogs would join in as they've loved seeing them in windows but as you can see Axel wasn't going to let his favourite teddy join in! 


Recently in our year 2 Gemstones group we had a lovely session trying new fruits and we decided to try planting the seeds/pips to see if they would grow. Sadly our extended break from school started before we could complete this but I thought it would be interesting to see whether we could all try at home. 


So, next time you eat any fruit, see if it has any seeds and plant them in a pot.  Keep them warm and watered, maybe you could make a colourful label too. I've planted some seeds from tomatoes and a big avocado seed.


I wonder if it will grow? If it does I will update you and bring it into school when we return. 


Much love to you all.


Mrs Rock x