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Spring 2019 - Class Eco Audit

Class Eco Audit: Spring Term 2019


Switch off monitors


Please ensure you have designated children in charge of turning off lights, monitors, toilet and cloakroom lights etc



Do you have one on display? Do the children know what our ethos is? Have the children made a personal pledge (learning log work?).



One paper, one rubbish. Remind children that paper can be reused before it is recycled and that it shouldn't be put in the rubbish bin. Please assign children who can check the bins at the end of each day and re sort if need be.


A scrap paper / Reusable paper tray


Do the children use the paper in this tray? Please encourage them to.

Plants in your classroom


Let Mrs Coleman know if you need something - things children are growing are fine.


Eco posters


Litter, saving water, switch off fortnight, climate change etc. Check you have these and if not, come and ask Mrs Coleman for some.


Book display


Can you have an Eco themed book on display? Can you use Eco themed books/ comprehensions in guided reading? When using the library or ICT suite, can children research a current Eco issue?




Please use our data where possible. Eg. when creating graphs or interpreting statistics, can you give our walk to school statistics for the children to work with?

If not our data, perhaps climate change data etc.


Break times


Remind children to put their food waste in the food waste bins. Snacks can be brought to school in reusable containers rather than plastic throw-away snack bags please.





Please check there is no litter in your classroom or cloakroom or surrounding areas (maybe assign a litter monitor). If you see litter around the school, please PICK IT UP! Pop it in a bin, and wash your hands.




Are you using recycled pots for paint pallets and cereal boxes for model making etc? When asking children to bring in costumes-make, borrow, reuse-no need to buy!


Outdoor areas


Please use and look after as much as possible!



Use the water butts and collected rain water to water your raised beds. Have you checked your raised bed lately? Have you asked for parent volunteers to come and help you clear it?



Check the outdoor learning blocks on the medium term plans. These have lots of Eco links planned within the units. Make links to current Eco issues where possible.



Thank you J