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Gardening Competition 2019

Class Gardening Competition 2019!


Transform your class gardening bed and win your child’s class a picnic!


Your child’s class has just over 12 weeks to grow something edible!

Can you help?


Plant, nurture and protect!

If you have any time available to come and prepare your child’s class garden bed, plant seeds, maintain growth or transfer seedlings please contact the office. Each class will need at least one volunteer.


The class garden beds are in the environmental area and need to be ready by Monday 8th July for judging to take place!


Each class will have a small plant ready to plant in their beds straight away, giving them a sure start! There will also be seeds to plant in small trays to keep in the classroom or in the greenhouse which will need to be transferred once they are hardy enough (see packet guidelines).

Of course, children, parents, teachers are welcome to supplement this pack in any way they wish! E.g. providing more vegetable plants, creating signs or decorative items…


Judging criteria:

An edible food item grown and cared for from seed or young plant within the Summer term. If you harvest your food item before the judging date please keep it or photograph it as evidence!


Maintenance of garden-tidy and well kept. How will you ensure the vegetables grow?

Protection-how will you stop the vegetables from being eaten?

Community participation-children must experience looking after the garden along with help from parents and class adults

Clear theme-name your garden. Be creative! Will the judges be able to see what the theme of your garden is?

Relevance of décor items.