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Sonya Agar 

I became a governor in June 2016 and I have a son and daughter who attended the Junior school. I would like to make a valid contribution to the way things are done, as I have an inquisitive nature and a community spirit. I qualified as a medical doctor and have worked in acute hospital medicine for 9 years and later within the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries for 15 years. This gives me a broad base from which to analyse information, challenge decisions and balance interests for the benefit of the school. I believe it is important to protect the things we care about, and I currently serve on the Communication Committee and am PE governor.


Bob Albery, Chair of the Communications Committee

I became a parent governor in October 2014 in order to help the school develop and improve. My son, now at secondary school, progressed through the Infants and Juniors, and both he and his parents believe that it is an excellent school, nurturing and developing our children’s performance in the critical early stages of their academic careers. The school has a vital role to play, not only in educating our children, but also providing a focal point for the village community, and my aspiration to become a parent governor stemmed from a desire to ensure that the school continues to promote high standards, both academically and socially.  I have recently retired from a career in retail buying, which gave me extensive experience in the commercial world as a decision maker and people manager, in an environment where listening and influencing were critical attributes to success, and I believe these are ideal qualities to bring to the parent governor role.  I have worked previously as a parent governor at a primary school for children with severe learning difficulties in Lewisham, where I sat on the Personnel and Finance sub-committees.   I am one of the Curriculum governors for the Creative Curriculum and SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural education) and chair the Communication committee.


Ann Alderson, Chair of the Infrastructure Committee

I became a Community Governor of the Infant School in summer 2010, and have continued as a Governor for the Federated Schools. I am an architect by profession and a consultant, advisor and author of good practice guidance in accessible environments and sustainability in the healthcare sector. I became a Governor to have more contact with young children as my own grand-children lived a long way away, I wanted to learn more about the current education system and to contribute to the local community now that I have more spare time. I am Chair of the Infrastructure Committee, Governor responsible for Health and Safety, and also serve on the Finance Committee. My particular interests are making both schools sustainable and accessible to all, and teaching children about contributing to a sustainable environment.  I am also curriculum governor for Science.


Melvyn Bleakley, Chair of the Curriculum and Standards Committee and Vice-Chair of Governors

I joined the Infant School Governing Body in 2005. I worked until 2012 as an assistant priest in the parish of Chalfont St. Giles, and therefore have a close interest in local village life and was particularly pleased with the decision to allow the schools to work together as The Village School. Before that I worked as a teacher in a number of Buckinghamshire schools, finally as Deputy Head Teacher in Ash Hill Primary School in High Wycombe. I was very pleased to become a school governor in the village of Chalfont St Giles, and to have the opportunity of using my professional skills to benefit our local schools and community. I also work in a voluntary capacity for the National Trust, developing and delivering history days for local school groups. My current responsibilities within the governing body are the delivery of the curriculum to children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), ensuring that the curriculum is made fully available to all children, regardless of gender, ethnicity or disabilities and am Equality and Diversity governor. I am a member of the Curriculum and Standards and Personnel Committees. I also usually spend some time each week working regularly with groups of children on both Village School sites.


Gill Brown

When my children started at Chalfont St Giles Infant School over thirty years ago, I became involved as a parent helper. I was a staff member for nearly 30 years, working in both schools and finally in the nursery. I joined the governing body as a staff governor in the 1990s and continued to work alongside staff, governors and parents to maintain our ethos as an excellent caring school. Since retiring I have moved to become an associate governor.  I serve on the Curriculum and Standards Committee and am Outdoor Learning governor.


Nicola (Nick) Brown

I have twin girls in the Infant school and have 23 years in the teaching profession, five in mainstream primary and the last 18 years in a special school for pupils with complex needs and visual impairment, where I am an assistant head of school and a staff governor.

I became a parent governor in order to support the school leadership yet challenge as a ‘critical friend’ to continue to retain the high standards of teaching and learning at the school.  I feel my experience gives me the knowledge to support the governing body with collective decisions.  I am also excited to have the opportunity to be involved again in mainstream education.  I am passionate to help achieve the best possible schooling experience for our children, to give them the best possible start and foundation for a happy, healthy and successful life ahead.

I work with Bob Albery to review provision of the Creative Curriculum, I am Pupil Premium governor and serve on the Personnel committee.


Dave Cronen

I became a parent governor in July 2019. I have three daughters who are all at different stages of their journeys at Chalfont St Giles Village School and who have cherished every moment of it. The reason why I requested to be involved is because I thought it was time that I put something back into the school and local community. I have spent over 35 years of my career within the music industry at various levels but in 2017 I was offered a lecturer and management role within Higher Education working on a BA (HONS) Degree pathway which I really enjoy. I get a lot of satisfaction being student facing and hope to bring the same levels of enthusiasm and passion into my role as governor within the village school.  I serve on the Curriculum and Standards Committee at the present time and am IT governor. 


Patricia English

I have worked at the school since January 1995 based at the Infant site until 2013. In September 2013 I became Deputy Headteacher based at the Junior Site. I was a Staff Governor from 2003 and I was very pleased to be part of the federation process which has resulted in the formation of Chalfont St Giles Village School. I serve on the Curriculum and Standards, Finance and Infrastructure Committees.


Lisa Higgin

I became a Governor in 2020 as I felt I wanted to give something back, as both of my children are really thriving at the schools, and I strongly believe from previous observations since
2016, that both schools are very good.

I am grateful both of my children have been able to obtain places. They thoroughly enjoy school and all the teachers have a “can do” attitude but in a caring and nurturing way, which I feel is extremely important.  What happens during a child’s childhood, affects them for the rest of their lives.

I have over 25 years experience in administration and managerial positions ranging from retail to legal.

I wanted to contribute my administration background, support the teachers and also be able to give input from a parent's perspective. I am currently PSHE/Pupil Voice Governor and serve on the Communication and Community Committee.


Elaine Hoare

I have lived in the village since 1970 and our two daughters attended the village schools, happy memories.  I taught mathematics to A level at Dr Challoner’s High School for 23 years and then at Beaconsfield High School and lastly at Wycombe High School. I also helped with the 3rd CSG Guide company for many years. I am closely involved with the running of the Community Library since its opening in 2007 and also with fund raising events for the Memorial Hall. I was delighted at becoming a governor and enjoy supporting the school.  I am Chair of the Curriculum and Standards Committee and am Numeracy governor.


Katherine Mannion

I have worked at the school since January 1999. I have been mostly based at the Infant School as a class teacher and the SENDCo. For the last three years I extended the latter role to work as SENDCo across both Junior and Infant sites. I am now the Deputy Headteacher at the Infant Site and very much enjoying this position. I also live in the village and my son attended the school. Being part of the community is very important to me and I am very proud to work at Chalfont St Giles Village School both as a staff member and governor. I serve on the Communications, Infrastructure and Finance committees.


Becky Murray

I have been a teacher at the junior school for several years and I became a staff governor in November 2018. I trained at St Mary’s University in Twickenham and I have been at the school since I graduated. I am currently a Literacy curriculum leader. I am committed to ensuring that our school offers all pupils the very best start in life, to achieve the best outcomes in the wider curriculum, whilst at the same time maintaining a secure, safe, nurturing and happy environment. I became a governor to get a broader view of how the school works from different perspectives and understand what drives key SLT decisions and helps the school move in the right direction. I will have access to greater training opportunities to further my understanding of school processes and better myself as an educator. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working at CSG, I am passionate about teaching and ensuring children enjoy their experience at school and I enjoy working with the governing body.  I serve on the Communications committee.


Eleanor O’Connor, Chair of the Personnel Committee

I became a governor in 2003 because I wanted to make a contribution to my children’s school. My working background has been in administration, marketing, and communications for a trade association in the City, followed by five years as a school secretary. Although my children are now adults, I have remained a governor because I continue to find my role rewarding and fulfilling and believe I can continue to assist the school. I was Chair of Governors of the Junior School before it federated with the Infant School and I served as Chair of the newly formed Chalfont St Giles Village School until I stood down in October 2014. I regularly help at the school in class and have assisted on school trips in the past so that I could spend time with the pupils. I believe our role as governors is to support the school to provide the best education possible for our children in an enjoyable and stimulating environment. I have served on every school committee at different times but currently serve on the Finance, Personnel, Infrastructure and Travel Plan Committees. I am also Safeguarding Governor.


Jeremy Ryman

I was born and brought up locally in Chorleywood and have lived in St Giles since 1982. I brought my knowledge and commercial links to the Infant School when I joined their governing body in 1990. I became a Bucks County Councillor in 1997 and was subsequently a councillor at Chiltern District Council. I am interested in finance, management and the infrastructure and I serve on the Infrastructure Committee.  I became an associate governor in 2018.  I am also a governor at Chenies School.


Sue Salmon

I have worked at the Junior School since 2004.  I started as an SSA, supporting a child on a one to one basis and worked through the 4 year groups with that child.  When the child left the Junior School I was asked to remain on as an LSA which I was delighted to do; as I love working and being part of our school community. Since becoming an LSA I have completed various training courses including my NVQ3.  Recently I have completed a course in English as a Foreign Language (EFL), which I passed with ‘outstanding’.

Prior to joining the Junior School I was with the the Metropolitan Police Force for 13 years and then worked as Matron at a local boys’ private prep school for 4 years.

I enjoy my position as an LSA and felt that after 13 years that I would like to contribute more by becoming a governor and be part of the school’s future direction.  I serve on the Curriculum and Standards Committee.


Rose Smith

I became a governor in September 2017 and have twin girls a little boy in the Infant School and Nursery. I am a teacher who has worked for most of my career in primary schools in London with a specialism in Early Years although I have also worked as Head of KS2 and led on a range of subjects. I am now deputy head of a local secondary special school. I have an ingrained interest and passion for education and ensuring that all children get the best learning experiences and start in life.  I serve on the Communication Committee and am Literacy and EYFS governor.


Donna Westall, Chair of Governors

I became a governor in May 2009. My three children attended the Nursery, Infant and Junior schools. I have lived in Chalfont St Giles since 1992 and, having grown up in London, I feel we are really privileged to live in a wonderful community with such an excellent school. My work background is in HR: I was a European pay and benefits manager until 2000. I now do part-time admin and accounts for my husband’s strategy consultancy partnership and am a trustee of the Community Library where I also volunteer. I am always impressed by the way the school continues to develop, and I am keen to support it in maintaining or, where possible, improving its excellent standards of education and care for its pupils. I became Chair of Governors in October 2014 and I currently serve on the Personnel, Communication and Finance Committees.