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Curriculum Area - Geography

Mrs T Ballard (Infant School) and Miss C Balaam (Junior School) are our Geography Curriculum Leaders.


Geography Overview


Year Group

Geography Topic

  • Explorer Explorer What do you see?
  • Investigating different countries, their climates and animals
  • Learning about our school grounds and the village
  • Looking at how weather affects what we wear and what we do
Year 1
  • Weather – changing weather throughout the seasons
  • Daily weather reports
  • What effects the weather has on us and our environment
  • Our local area- key human and physical features
  • Place knowledge- Route to school/ around the village including simple compass directions/ directional language
  • Field work- observational skills- river and shops.
  • Compare seaside location- Katie Morag’s Isle of Struay with CSG. Maps and globes
Year 2
  • Locate 4 main countries of UK and cities and surrounding seas. Map work
  • Link to blitz- Main cities in Blitz- locations and reasons e.g. ports.
  • Weather reports for the UK
  • Comparing Chalfont St Giles lives and houses with Hope Valley South Africa. Developing use of globes and maps.
  • Location of hot and cold places in relation to the equator and poles
  • Captain Cook’s journey on a map- continents and oceans, planning a holiday, delicacies around the world
Year 3
  • Egypt today – where is it? Climate zones, biomes and vegetation belts, the Nile, delta and the desert. The Water Cycle and rivers
  • Locations of settlements using maps of UK. Why located there?
  • Distribution of natural resources and link to settlements in past and now. Field work looking at local area and develop plans and sketch maps
  • How villages organised themselves
  • How people moved around the country
  • Locate the world’s countries, using maps focusing on Europe, Russia and the Americas - look at environmental regions, physical and human features and cities
Year 4
  • Map work – looking at the Roman Empire, where they invaded? Settlements
    • Where Saxons came from, why they settled in the UK. Map work
  • Where the Scots came from and settled
  • Land Use/ Our village
Year 5
  • Central America map: studying seas that surround the different countries (Caribbean Sea and North Pacific Ocean), capital cities, ancient Mayan sites
  • Map of Mexico: rivers, mountains, cities, rainforest located in southern Mexico
  • Locate using 4 and 6 fig grid reference
  • Comparison of life in a village compared to Mexico City
  • Comparison of ancient life to modern life
  • Distribution of natural resources – energy, food, minerals, water and the impact of mining/industry
  • Economic activity and trade links
  • Look at place name endings and origins – places that end in ‘toft’- means farming
  • How mountains are made; Volcanoes and Earthquakes
  • Where the Vikings settled when they came from in Scandinavia
Year 6
  • Biomes
  • Vegetation belts
  • Mediterranean plants/herbs
  • OS maps and symbols/keys
  • Orienteering grid references 8 figs
  • Scales
  • Canal/river/railway/road routes
  • Regional study – Northern France, trade links and economic activity in this region