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Key Information - Communication


Keeping in Touch


Infant School and Nursery


At the Nursery and Infant School teachers are available at the beginning of the school day. This time is good for a quick chat but is not the best time for an in-depth discussion.


In Nursery teachers will be available from 08.30 for the morning session and from 12.30 for the afternoon session.


At the Infant School the doors are open to welcome the children in at 08.45 and teachers will come into the playground from 08.50. Each Friday you are welcome to come into class and read with your child.


Please note that registration begins at 08.55 sharp.


Junior School


Teachers are available at the beginning of the school day from 08.45 – 08.55. This time is good for a quick chat but is not the best time for an in-depth discussion.


Please note that registration starts at 08.55 sharp.


If you do not need to talk with the teacher please encourage your child to come into the classroom independently.


Each Friday you are welcome to come into class from 08.45 – 08.55 so that you can read with your child.


If you wish to have a quick, urgent chat with Mr Haywood, Mrs Mannion or Mrs English one of them is usually available at the beginning of the day. Please phone the School Office first so that we can inform you of their availability.


Need an Appointment?


If you have any concerns or wish to discuss any matter with the class teacher or another member of staff, please call or email the School Office to make an appointment.


Appointments will be made as soon as possible. Please let us have any information regarding the matter you wish to discuss prior to your appointment so that staff are ready and have all that they may need.


If your child has forgotten something that they will need in school that day please take it to the School Office so that it can be taken to your child.


Email and Telephone


We would appreciate the opportunity to talk about your questions/concerns and would like to do this on a face to face basis or over the phone. Email is not our preferred way of communicating for an extended discussion.


We aim to respond to emails in two working days. However parents should be aware that this is not always possible if a member of staff is, for example, ill, works part-time or is on a training course. Staff, other than office staff, are only expected to check their emails once a day so that they can focus on learning and teaching.


Please use email or the telephone to inform us about:


  • illness in the morning if your child is unwell
  • a future absence due to GP/dentist/hospital appointment/music exams
  • to ask for further information or clarification on anything school related


You can also request:


  • a meeting with a member of staff
  • a return of a phone call by a member of staff


If members of office staff are not able to answer the phone please leave a message on the school answerphone.


Messages and emails received will be forwarded on as requested within a few hours of receipt when possible. Staff will get back to you as soon as possible. If you are concerned that your message has not got through please contact us again.


If you wish to let us know how your child’s homework is going please make a note in their homework book. The teacher will see these comments when they mark the books. If there is a problem with homework please contact us so we can discuss this with you.



Homework is done via Google Classroom at both the Infant and Junior schools.