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Autumn Term Questions


Week 3:  Would you rather be a child or an adult? Why?

Week 4:  What if it was always October?

Week 5:  Would you rather be a fish or a bird? Why?

Week 6:  What if we walked on our hands instead of our feet?

Week 7:  What if everything was black and white?

Week 8:  If you could be an animal what would you be? Why?

Week 9:  Would you rather be the sun or the moon? Why?

Week 10: What if you were the size of a mouse?

Week 11: Would you rather live in a spider’s web or foxes den?

Week 12: What if there wasn’t any electricity?

Week 13: What if you had a long neck like a giraffe?

Week 14: Does your pet love you the way you love it?


Spring Term Questions


Week 1:  Would you rather be an ant or a spider? Why?

Week 2:  What if we all had wings?

Week 3:  What if there was no sun?

Week 4:  Would you rather be a rainbow or a cloud? Why?

Week 5:  Tray of objects: Children discuss a link between 2 or more objects.

Week 6:  What if there were no straight lines?

Week 7:  What if people had wheels instead of legs?

Week 8:  Would you rather be a cheetah or a lion? Why?

Week 9:  What if houses were made of rubber?

Week10: Tray of objects linked to a story. Discuss.

Week 11: What if everything was black and white? 

Week 12: What would if be like if there were no stars? 


Summer Term Questions


Week 1:    Would you rather be brave and poor or cowardly and rich?

Week 2:    Can you ever know what it is like to be someone else?

Week 3:    Is there more happiness or sadness in the world?

Week 4:    Can you touch a rainbow?

Week 5:    Can you cast a shadow in a dark room?

Week 6:    Is it ever OK to cheat?

Week 7:    If you cry when you are happy are you sad?

Week 8:    Is a computer clever?

Week 9:    Are you natural or man-made?

Week 10:   Is a good person a good person when they are asleep?

Week 11:   If a lion could talk would we be able to understand it?

Week 12:   Do animals have feelings?

Week 13:   What is the most important part of a fork? A box?

Week 14:   Does everything have a taste?