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Wed 22nd April email

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well and keeping busy in this lovely sunny weather. 

I loved reading the school blog and discovering what some of you have been doing. I've also been enjoying the Teachers' story times. I have read a few books since we've been off and have enjoyed rereading some favourite books and stories. There is something very comforting with familiar things. We found some of my children's favourite books and have had a lovely funny time sharing them. Some of you will know just how much I love Elmer. It reminded me of World Book Day when our Crystals group shared their books with me. We had such a lovely afternoon.

Yesterday I found some crayons and did lots of rubbings with them. I placed a piece of paper over different rough surfaces and rubbed the side of a crayon over them. Some were great and some didn't really work but here is a selection. 


I think my favourites are the spiky leaves and also tyre tracks from my car.

Poor Buddy tried to help but has a sore paw and had to have a video call with the vet. He is feeling a bit sad but will hopefully feel well soon. Can you see his little bandage? That's to stop him licking it.


I also would just like to say to all our wonderful parents and carers that some days it's ok to just 'be' and that a successful day is sometimes just getting through.

Much love to you all. Hopefully see you soon. 

Mrs Rock