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PE and Sports Premium

Physical Education (PE) & Sport


At Chalfont St Giles Village School, we believe that every child should enjoy a range of experiences within physical education and sport. Through our extensive curriculum, extra-curricular clubs and other opportunities, we promote positive attitudes to health and wellbeing, the development of fundamental skills and a love for being active.


PE lessons


During physical education lessons, children follow personal learning journeys based on a fundamental skills, and multi-ability approach to teaching and learning – ‘Real PE’.  Our curriculum equips children with the essential abilities to maximise potential, and enjoy long-term participation in physical activity and sport.  Teaching and learning focuses on three main building blocks for every sporting action, these are known as Fundamental movement skills:


  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Coordination


The curriculum encourages creativity, collaboration and self-challenge, through six themed units per year, known as ‘multi-abilities’ which include:


  • Personal skills
  • Social skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Creative skills
  • Physical skills
  • Health related fitness


In Key Stage 1, using ‘Real PE’ children explore the multi-abilities and fundamental skills through songs, stories and personal best challenges.  Children begin to develop the notion of moving progressively through challenges until they reach the point of ‘failure’, then working collaboratively they ‘practice perfect’ until they can achieve consistent success – “that's when we know its time to move on to the next challenge” (Year 2 child).  We do make sure that children are aware why they need to learn these fundamental skills and how we use these skills in all the different types of sports available in school.  Children get the opportunity to apply these skills during fun and exciting team game lessons.


In Key Stage 2, we use ‘Real PE’ to look at how fundamental skills can be combined, and their context in sporting activities.  Children experiment with the ‘How?’ and ‘Why?’ of combined skills, collaboratively and creatively exploring the most effective ways of practicing and performing more complex sporting actions.  “I chose to combine three different types of jumps in my sequence, a hop, a skip and a jump.  It helps me go further and higher without loosing balance” (Year 3 child).

Sports Week


Sports week involve a whole week of exciting, gentle competitive team games as well as the opportunity to experience new ways of being active.  Activities include events such as a joint school mini-marathon, skipping workshops, multi skills carousal of activities and many more challenges.  On the last day we end our week with a well attended sports day which gives each child the opportunity to participate in games and races of a gently competitive nature whilst being supported by their teachers, peers and parents.

Buckinghamshire School Sports Partnership


We have joined a cluster of over 40 primary schools in Buckinghamshire that is run by Dr Challoner’s High School. Our level two membership gives us access to:


  • Specialist PE teaching staff with a wealth of experience who will work alongside our teachers to improve PE teaching. We will be specifically focusing on the improvement of our P.E planning, teaching, differentiation and assessment across the school, as a specialist gym will work alongside teachers in every year group throughout the year.
  • A network of schools for continued professional development opportunities and shared good practice.
  • Membership to the Youth Sports Trust which will provide training opportunities for all staff on a varied range of P.E themes including cross-curricular P.E links.
  • A wide range of sports festivals at a competitive level to increase children’s participation in national school games competitions and expose children to new sports and activities that they may not have encountered previously. 

Youth Sport Trust Self Audit – September 2018


The Youth Sport Trust has a self-audit tool to allow schools to assess their current PE provision and identify areas for future development. We are delighted to announce that by using this tool we have been awarded the Silver mark for PE.  We will continue to use this audit annually to track our progress and to work towards the Gold mark.


We are happy to say that most of our previously 'established' areas have now moved on to ‘embedded’ areas of provision.


  • We have a broad, rich and engaging PE curriculum.


We are providing high quality outcomes for young people through PE and school sport.


  • We are providing a rich, varied and inclusive school sport offer as an extension of the curriculum.


We identified the below as our ‘established’ area of provision. We are doing well in this area and hope to improve further:


  • The leadership and management of PE and school sport (to ensure that all new staff are fully confident with the responsibility of leading PE).


Areas below are identified as ourembedded areas of provision. We are proud of our continuing progress in these areas:


  • Our school has a vision for PE and school sport.
  • PE and sports provision contribute to overall school improvement.
  • All pupils are provided with a range of opportunities to be physically active and they understand how physical activity can help them to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Our school knows how to effectively utilise the new PE and school sport funding.
  • Teaching and learning of PE are 'Good' in our school.
  • Broad, rich and engaging PE curriculum. 


Please see below our full September 2017 audit.

Youth Sport Trust Self Audit – September 2018