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Wed 1st July email

Hello everyone

What strange weather we are having at the moment. I've noticed that the rain has turned the school field a beautiful shade of green, and the weeds in my garden are unbelievable!

On Sunday I collected a tiny Russian dwarf hamster named Pickle. Her owner has to move to a small flat where pets are not allowed so Pickle has come to live with us.
 Her owner was very upset to give her away so we are sending lots of photos and updates to help her to feel better. She in turn gave us lots of Pickle's things to make her feel at home. We took some of her old bedding so that her new cage will seem more familiar.


Whether you're a hamster or a human, change can be difficult.

Lots of us found it hard when schools closed and we didn't know what would happen. I've been talking with lots of children this week and some of them said that the unknown was the scariest thing. I know that I worried about providing food for my family, yet it soon became clear that this was all fine. How quickly the worry faded once I saw that we could order online or pop to the co-op! I felt shocked when I first saw someone wearing a face mask in the village but now that has become normal too, and it's nothing to be worried about.

I know that more of you are coming into school for a couple of days in the next few weeks, and I just wanted to say that although school is a little different at the moment it really is ok. I've chatted to lots of children and they've told me how good it is to be back. Everyone is here to help you enjoy your day and I will be around for a wave or a chat.

Much love

Mrs Rock