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Eco Warriors


Across the school, each class has two Eco-Warrior representatives who work together with Mrs Coleman and Mrs Peal to support our Eco-School status. They meet a number of times a term to discuss ways in which we can make our school, and encourage others to be, more eco-friendly. They have also drawn up a set of rules, 'Our Eco Code' which all pupils and staff are encouraged to follow. The school has been awarded the Eco-Schools Silver Award in recognition of our dedication and achievements in working towards a sustainable lifestyle. 


At our school the Eco Warriors are inspiring and motivated, holding meetings, making decisions and educating others. They will begin this year with a school audit, and will learn about topical and inspirational activists such as Greta Thunberg. They will decide on the year’s Eco action plan and what they would like to achieve.  A current focus is on the biodiversity of the school and encouraging and supporting a range of plants and wildlife within our grounds from insects and bugs to birds and butterflies. We will be carrying out a Bird Watch and a Butterfly Watch later on in the year and thinking of ways to support and encourage them further.


The Eco Warriors will also be looking at energy efficiency and ways in which we can improve this in our school with Switch Off Fortnight which will promote the conservation of electricity.

We will be promoting the 6 Rs over the festive period ‘Reduce, Rethink, Refuse, Recycle, Reuse, Repair’. Watch this space for top tips to help you consider the environment whilst celebrating!

Along with the whole school community we will continue to focus on waste and litter, with the Eco Warriors helping to litter pick and encouraging others to do so. Will our litter audit in the Summer term show a reduction in the amount of litter around our school? We certainly hope so!


Our exciting ‘Only One You’ garden project will continue to be supported by the Eco Warriors as well as our recently developed wild flower gardens! The Eco Warriors will be helping to plant and maintain these areas as well as planting trees in the rest of our gardens and grounds and ensuring effective and thoughtful use of all our outdoor areas. Our successful and inspiring sustainability Gardening Competition has produced some amazing vegetables ready for Harvest and will run again this Year!


Please take a look at our Eco Warrior action plan which details the objectives and activities for the year ahead and if you feel you could help or offer support in relation to any of the activities in any way we would absolutely love to hear from you!


Mrs Coleman

Eco Warriors - meetings and minutes 2019-2020