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Junior School Class Reps

Class Parent Representatives (2020-2021)


Year 3


Ash Class - Katie Lord

Oak Class - 


Year 4


Acer Class - 

Palm Class -  Maiya Vandermeersch & Helen Younger


Year 5


Beech - Gemma Bernstein & Jo Saunders

Maple - Jasmine Russell & Sarah Stigzelius


Year 6


Acacia Class - Katie Mills

Bonsai Class - 

Class Parent Representatives (2019-2020)


Year 3


Ash Class - Leeanne Barnes and Maiya Vandermeersch

Oak Class - Sarah Noori


Year 4


Acer Class - Sarah Stigzelius and Jasmine Russell

Palm Class - Gemma Bernstein and Mrs Jo Saunders   


Year 5


Beech - Nicola Williams

Maple - Katie Mills


Year 6


Acacia Class - Kate Pearsall

Bonsai Class - Mrs Jennie Alghita

Our Class Parent Reps use the Classlist App to communicate with parents. You can download this app and find our school and send in a request to your class rep to verify your details.