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FAQs - updated 28/9/2021


ParentMail Tips:


  • Meal ordering - meal orders must be placed 3 days in advance. Once the ordering window has closed the date will be greyed out on the screen
  • Meals ordered information - to check what has been ordered once the ordering window has closed you can check your Statements for each month. On the screen that you order school meals from there is a button at the bottom right called Statements, If you click on this button you can see what has been ordered for a given date
  • Payment items - Payment items for the whole school (ties) or a year group (eg Year 6 swimming or Year 5 Mayan day) show up in the Shop area. Log into your child's ParentMail Account. Click on Payments and a To Pay screen comes up - Shop is the middle icon on the bottom menu bar.
  • Meal orders and Absence - if you have ordered a meal for a child who will be absent, for any reason, you can cancel this up to three days in advance. On the day cancellations can only be made by the office if they are informed by 9am on the day. If you have placed a meal order for the day your child is absent, please mention this on any absence messages sent to the office. We are unable to change on the day after 9am and you will be charged for the ordered meal.