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Wed 10th June email

Hello everyone

I hope you are all well keeping busy. I'm still enjoying the cooler weather and have been busy in the garden. I've been weeding the vegetable patch which my guinea pigs always enjoy as they get to eat lots of dandelions, clover as well as some vegetable leaves. Hagi, Beryl and Ivy become very happy and zoom around their run!  I'm always careful to check that the leaves are not poisonous.

Before we had to stay at home I'd been working with some children looking at self esteem. This is the way that you see yourself, not the way that others see you. It is what you see in yourself that is important. One of the activities we did was a plan of 5 things that we can all do to make ourselves happy. I loved this activity and used it lots of times with different groups.

HELP others. Be kind to someone, hold a door open or help cook tea.
ACTIVE  do some sport or games every day.
PRESENT moment. Be mindful and stay in the moment.
PEOPLE connect with people. Talk to someone, it can be by phone or letter.
YEARN to learn. Learn something new each day. This can be a fact or something about someone in your family. 

 This was my 5 a day yesterday:

H- I made lunch for my family.
A- I walked my dogs
P- I spent time watching birds in my garden.
P - I rang my Mum
Y- I learned that Doctor Who is an anagram of Torchwood.

See how you get on with this, I expect you do most of them already without even realising. 


Mrs Rock