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Data Use Policy - September 2018


The School holds pupil data within our secure School Management System.  Pupil information is shared with Bucks County Council and with other Schools as children transfer to secondary schools. This is all processed via Bucks County Council’s secure file transfer system.


Under the Data Protection Act we are obliged to inform you of any third parties we may share the data with and to give you choice to opt out.


Basic data is shared with the following companies:


  • ParentPay and Nationwide cashless tills for the collection of trip and dinner money
  • The School photographer – currently Stanley Baker Studios Ltd and Imago Photographers
  • Junior Librarian – library system
  • Parents Evening System / Wonde
  • Cool Milk
  • Gmail for Education – name and email address only
  • Spelling Jotter - literacy software
  • MyMaths - maths software
  • Khan Academy - maths software
  • Reading Eggs - literacy software
  • Target Tracker
  • Maths Circle TTRockStars - TimesTable Rockstars - maths software
  • Residential trip providers


The school holds details of each company’s registration number with the ICO (Information Commisoner’s Office).


Use of the above system is deemed to represent your consent to your child’s data being included in the system.  If you wish to opt out of any system please notify us in writing.