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Wed 8th July email

Hello everyone, it's been lovely seeing more of you in school this week. I love how quiet everyone is for about 20 minutes then the chatting and laughing begins as they feel more comfortable. It's heartwarming.

I've been talking to some children over the past few weeks about feeling anxious and we talked about how fuzzy your head can feel and that it can be difficult to think about anything else. 

Some of the children were able to picture their worries as little bugs or monsters. One described his worries as little red bugs racing around his mind making him feel horrible. 

We were then able to think about what calm happy thoughts might look like. They were green bugs and amazingly were able to tickle the worry bugs which sent them away. Eventually there were very few red bugs and they kept out of the way. 

Other children imagined their worries being lasered or popping like bubbles.
We did have fun thinking of different scenarios of the green bugs zapping the red worry bugs. We also found that a good way to distract yourself from worries is to talk about favourite things. What is your favourite flavour ice cream? Favourite chocolate bar? Favourite dvd? 

Here are some more ideas. 



Stay safe and I hope to see some more of you very soon.

Mrs Rock x