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Wed 15th April email

Hello everyone, 


Gosh, this week has sped by. I hope that you are all well and got to eat some chocolate at the weekend. My lovely daughters bought me some plant based chocolate eggs. I must admit to eating one up for breakfast. 

Lots of the seeds I planted have finally popped up, I'm keeping them warm and watered. No sign of an avocado plant yet but I'm still hoping. These are the courgette plants. 


One of our lovely year 6s had lunch with me before school ended and told me that she'd love to grow courgettes, one of these is for you as we didn't get to grow one at school. 

I'm still scraping wallpaper which is taking forever. I must have used too much glue last time I think.

My grown up children have been helping me scrape and we've been playing Would you Rather as we work. Some of your children will have played this with me at school and it's a great way to start a conversation. 

You can make some cards and take turns to choose one or simply make them up as you go. You might find that a certain question will start up a family discussion.
So " Would you rather have a holiday on a sunny beach or on a snowy mountain." "Would you rather learn to play a musical instrument or speak a different language"

" Would you rather stand up and sing on your own in assembly or do a dance in the dining hall" 

Someone asked me once if I'd "rather have the power to speak to and understand animals or have a garden full of rainbow flowers that change daily all year." I still mull this over! I was impressed how well this person knew me. 

Have a good week and stay safe. 

Much love as always

Mrs Rock.