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Bags2School - 15th March 2021

Bag2School (& Tombola collection)

Monday, Mar 15 at 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM


Bag2School is back...clear the clutter and come out of lockdown with space to breathe!
Bag2School collect good quality clothes, shoes, linen, curtains and soft toys for redistribution in Africa. The school receive a payment by weight for our collection.

Full list of accepted items here
They DO NOT take duvets, cushions, rags, carpets, rugs or logo clothing.

Alongside this, in anticipation of the Strawberry Fayre (fingers crossed!) we are also collecting any new unwanted toys, books and gifts for the adult or child tombola stalls. Please make sure these are clearly separated!

Remember, if you have other items (toys, games, uniform etc) that would usually make their way to charity shops you can join our Facebook Clear & Donate group where you can list items and collectors donate via PayPal.

Bag2School/tombola car boot drop off points are between 8.30am - 9am on Monday 15th March at:

Coop carpark
Bowstridge pak car park
Hillside Close (Bottom of footpath to Junior School)
Albion Crescent (far end, at cul-de-sac)
Memorial Hall lower carpark (please avoid driving up, use the Coop point if you need the car)

Please note there is NO Junior School drop off point onsite this time, please use Hillside/Bowstridge.

There are also a number of places you can take bags over the weekend if you can't make if on Monday. Please private message the people below to arrange.

Rachel Nelson - off Kings Road (Sunday afternoon)
Nicola Sinclair & Rachel Airey - Little Chalfont
Roseanna Leckie - Three Households
Penny Brown - Hillside Close

Thank you, from Junior & Infant PTAs