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Wed 6th May email

Hello everyone


It's been lovely to have the sun back this week. 


We had a visitor this week, a very large hedgehog. How beautiful is she? We thought she may be unwell so checked her over, she was fine so we gave her some food and sent her on her way. We named her Mrs Pricklepants and hope that she perhaps has babies in a nest somewhere. 


After this visit we had a look around the garden at what other wildlife we could find. Then we made little stories about them. 


Look at the handsome woodlouse. Where do you think he was going? What do you think his home looks like! What do you think his name is? 


You could find some wildlife in your garden or on your walk and tell someone about it, make up a story or find out some facts. 


Look at this dandelion seed head, when I was a little girl I used to blow these into the wind. How far will these seeds travel? What will they see on their travels? 


Have fun with your stories or facts and hopefully we will be able to share them with each other soon. 


Much love Mrs Rock