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Junior School Houses

Pupils and teachers are assigned to one of four Houses, named Air, Earth, Fire and Water. The houses provide a means of interaction between different classes and year groups in events such as Sports Day and Themed Weeks and are a spur to friendly competition throughout the year.


House points are awarded for especially good work or behaviour. The house points are added up each week and a trophy passed to that week’s highest scoring house in achievement's assembly.

Each house has a House Captain and a Deputy House Captain who are selected at the beginning of the academic year.


Each house has a mascot bear whose colours reflect the four house colours - Air (blue), Earth (green), Fire (red) and Water (yellow).

In September 2021 the children voted for new houses. The houses changed are:


  • Cook house will become Air House and their house colour will be Blue
  • Milton House will become Earth House and their house colour will be Green
  • Palliser  will become Fire House and their house colour will be Red
  • Penn will become Water House and their house colour will be Yellow