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Junior School Shop Prices




HB Pencll - 20p

Hand Hugger Pencil - 40p

Pencil Grip - 40p

Pencil Sharpener (with container) - £1.00

Eraser/ Rubber - 10p


Handwriting pens

Berol Pen -  40p

Hand Hugger Pen -  50p


Glue Stick - £1.00

Pencil Case (No contents) - £1.00

Plastic Folder - 80p

Protractor - 30p

Ruler (30cm) - 60p

Ruler (15cm) - 20p

Whiteboard Pen -  50p

Whiteboard Rubber - 50p


Pencil Case (Filled) Large - £5.00

Pencil Case (Filled) Small - £3.50

Recorder  - £3.50


All the above are available to buy from the School Office (Before or After School or during break or lunchtime for children & during normal school hours for parents).


School Tie (Regular or Elasticated PreTied) - £3.50


Uniform items are available from School Trends website


We have some second hand uniform items available and a limited stock of current school uniform - sales are held on Fridays and notification will be given in weekly emails. Please contact the School Office.