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Junior School Houses

Pupils and teachers are assigned to one of four Houses, named Cook, Milton, Palliser and Penn after local historical figures. The houses provide a means of interaction between different classes and year groups in events such as Sports Day and Themed Weeks and are a spur to friendly competition throughout the year.


House points are awarded for especially good work or behaviour. The house points are added up each week and a trophy passed to that week’s highest scoring house in achievement's assembly.

Each house has a House Captain and a Deputy House Captain who are selected at the beginning of the academic year.


Each house has a mascot bear whose colours reflect the four house colours - Cook (blue), Milton (green), Palliser (red) and Penn (yellow).

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Great Reading Challenge


Linked to World Book Day in March, we hold a Reading Challenge.


In 2015 each house competed against each other to see which house could read the most books over a 2 month period. Each child received a house circle when they completed a book which they wrote their name on and the name of the book. These were then displayed side by side in the dining room so everyone can see the house that read the most books – encouraging and motivating all! The winning house was rewarded by a movie and popcorn afternoon on World Book Day. Please encourage and support your child by choosing age appropriate books and allowing them to read independently or with your help if necessary. Most importantly, enjoy reading! Thanks for your support. Mrs F Holt Reading Co-ordinator.


House Reading Challenge book totals - final result


Cook - 124 books

Milton - 135 books

Penn - 220 books (Penn - 220 books)

Palliser - 282 books


Congratulations to winning house Palliser. We hope that you enjoyed your cinema afternoon.