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Junior School Library

The Junior School library is open during lunchtimes for pupils to read quietly and to borrow books.


Children can to borrow up to 2 books at a time and we now ask that they be returned within three weeks. We use the Junior Librarian catalogue system to record details of our book stock and each pupil has a library barcode number that they can use to check the books in and out. Children can borrow both fiction and non-fiction books. We ask that all library books are returned before the end of the academic year in July.


Parent helpers run the school library at lunchtimes.


Currently the library is open on the following days:


  • Mondays - Dr Agar
  • Tuesdays - Mrs Gomme
  • Wednesdays - no helper
  • Thursdays - no helper
  • Fridays - Miss Haq (every other week)


We would love to be able to open the library every day so if you could help please contact the school office or talk to one of our current library volunteers. 


The fiction books in the library have recently been rearranged so that books are shelved alphabetically by the author's name. If books by a favourite author are not stocked we would like the children to speak to the parent helper on duty or send a note to the Junior School Office.

Our school librarians have been thinking about how we could best share the school’s love of reading and they decided that it would be amazing if every pupil in the school could recommend a book.  They then thought about how we could go one step further and perhaps ask for people to donate the books that they were recommending to the school in order for others to enjoy them too!


  • Each pupil can donate one book only.
  • The books should be a book that they enjoyed and be in good condition.
  • The (short) review of the book should be stuck onto the inside of the front cover on an A6 sized piece of paper. 


There is a book deposit box outside the Main Hall.  We hope that you will support this project and get our school sharing our reading even more! Thanks to Mr. Holmes for organising this and ensuring that reading remains in the spotlight!


The Library Drop Box is by the reading books outside the main hall. This box is for Book Deposit Donation books and returned library books when the library is not open.

Our library rules were updated with help from our parent volunteers and the School Council members. Please note that shoes no longer have to be removed as we now have a lovely, washable library floor.