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Top Tips for Home Learning - Friday 29th May

Top Tips For Home Learning


  • Space


Create a calm, quiet place to work. This space may need to be with other people on a rota basis.


  • Get Organised


Establish a routine that works for you and your family. Look at the work planned for the day and together, decide the order that tasks could be completed. Prepare resources in advance so that everything’s to hand. 


  • Prioritise


Some days may be busier for some family members than others, so don’t worry if sometimes, not all the tasks are finished. Try to read every day! Follow the time limit set on the plan so that you cover a range of learning activities throughout the day.


  • Regular Breaks


It’s important to plan in regular breaks and to get some fresh air every day. Decide together as a family what you’ll do together!


  • Rewards!!


As a family, create a reward system not only for completed tasks but for effort made and general attitude to learning across the week.