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The Money Bear$

Cook 2: The Money Bear$

"The Bear$ like Honey, We like Money !!!"

Product 1: $tress Ball$

Our first Product is the Stress ball. It is a very cheap product for only 1 pound 50 pence and it is unbreakable, unless you use scissors of course! :)

  • They are brightly coloured
  • Fun
  • Come in different designs

Product 2: Emoji or Personalised Clay Models

This is a great collectable which is highly in fashion.

Product Price Quality
Stress Ball £1.50 10/10
Emoji collectables £1.50 10/10


  1. We will be selling them from Wednesday lunch time to the end of Friday lunch time.
  2. On the last day we will be selling Poo and Devil Emojis for 2 pounds each (limited edition).
  3. We have the best Emoji-related products out in the market so you must come to the Money Bears stall before stock runs out.