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Teacher's email - Sapphire - Friday 27th March

Hello Sapphire Class


I hope that you are all well and have been keeping busy. The weather has been amazing, you know how much I love the sun! I have been busy in my garden having a good tidy up.


I hope you all spoilt your Mummy’s on Mother’s day! Did you remember to take them a cup of tea in bed? My girls didn’t wake up in time, so I got my own tea, but we had breakfast together. I got a lovely blouse, a new bird feeder and lots of chocolate, “mmmmm chocolate!”


My girls have decided to do the sunflower growing challenge after seeing our sunflowers.


This is what they look like at the moment, hopefully they will start shooting up! Mrs Lee will send me a photo of ours next week, which I will then share with you.


I have also been doing a lot of netball skills with my girls and the Joe Wicks workout in the morning. Have any of you had a go? It would be great if you did as we could all be doing something together at the same time. (Joe Wicks 9am on Youtube Monday-Friday).


As well as doing my school work, I have also started painting my Hall. It’s a big job and I will need my girls to hold the ladder for me. It will keep me busy!


Make sure you keep busy. Keep reading and remember I would love to read your own stories that you write!


Take care of yourselves and I look forward to hearing about what you have been up to!



Mrs Watt x