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Teacher's email - Pearl - Friday 27th March

 Hello Pearlies


I hope you have all had a good week and have done all the work I asked you to do?


I am sure you have all drawn pictures of the three little pigs and practised halving things with your family. I know you have all been learning about floating and sinking and thinking about the words heavy and light. 


I have been busy at home doing school work with my children. It's quite fun being their teacher. We have really enjoyed doing PE with Jo Wicks everyday!


We have really enjoyed the sunshine and have done lots of planting. We have planted tomatoes, lettuce, radish, courgettes as well as lots of flowers too. We have watched tadpoles hatching in our pond and have made beautiful natural pictures with things we have found in the garden. We go for long walks in the woods everyday too. I haven't seen any of you there yet? 


I am missing all of you and can't wait to see you all again. Here is a picture of the spring bulbs growing in my garden.  


Be good and do all the work I am sending you. 


Mrs Stainbank