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Summer Term - Week 1 - Monday 20th April 2020

Working from Home

Maths, Reading & Writing every day.

Science, Topic, Physical Activity across the week

Class    Year 2     Week   3      Date: 20.04.2020



Please access RM Maths daily


Some of the activities for both math sets will be the same as these are the foundations for the learning and are accessible to all.


Diamond Maths Group – Mrs Haynes


Practise counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s

Monday – Greater than and Less than symbols

With a set of number flash cards (numbers 0-9 written on 1 piece of paper each) turn over two to create a 2 digit number. Discuss which number is bigger and how we know. (tens and ones) Use the greater than > and less than < symbols for the two numbers. Extension – Create three different numbers and try to order them from smallest to largest

Tuesday – Sorting numbers from smallest to largest

Using the flash cards from yesterday create 5 two digit numbers and try to order these from smallest to largest.

Repeat this activity 3 times. Extension – Place the numbers on a blank number line up to 100

WednesdayPartition numbers (outside learning opportunity)

Outside or Inside collect two different sets of objects (sticks and stones) (marbles and pencils) Assign the tens and ones to each e.g pencils are 10s and marbles are 1’s. Using your flashcards try to make the two digit number using the objects Extension – How many different ways can you make 42 e.g 40 + 2, 30 + 12

Thursday – Addition and Subtraction calculations- see below

Draw the numbers as week 2 method to solve different problems

Friday – RM Maths


Amethyst Maths Group – Mr McCune


Practise counting in 3s, 4s and 5s forwards and backwards

Monday – Greater than and less than symbols

With a set of number flash cards (numbers 0-9 written on 1 piece of paper each) turn over three to create a 3 digit number. Discuss which number is bigger and how we know. (hundreds, tens and ones) Use the greater than > and less than < symbols for the two numbers.

Tuesday Placing numbers on a blank number line

Draw a line across a horizontal piece of paper and label it 0 on one side and 100 on the other. Using the flash cards from yesterday create a 2 digit number. Child to try and place that number correctly on the number line and explain why. Extension – try to place the numbers on a smaller number line e.g up to 75 and then 50. What do the children notice?

Wednesday – Partitioning numbers in different way.

Show the child any two digit number. How can I show this number in different ways? E.g 43 = 40 + 3, 30 + 13, 20 + 23, 10 + 33. Repeat with different numbers Extension – Try with a three digit number.

Thursday – Addition and subtraction problems.-see below

Using a blank number line solve addition and subtraction problems

Friday – RM maths



Practise your spellings each day


Play Phonics Play games each day



Alternative spellings for sh sound

The sh sound is spelt differently in words for example, ship, tissue and chef your child should try to learn the different spellings to aid their reading.

Monday – Show the children the words ship, chef and tissue. With your child read these words together and try to find the sh sound in each one.

Tuesday – Show your child the words – machine, shock, shower, machine, issue, rush, brochure and shell. With your child pick out the sh sound. Can they think of more sh words?

Wednesday – Test your child on their spellings. Make sure you muddle them up.

Thursday – Using the words from Tuesday try to create sentences. Write these sentences out - The chef had a shock on the ship. The machine is in a rush. She used a shocking pink tissue. Can you pick out the words with the sh sound in it?

Friday – Phonics Play Phase 5 & 6






Monday – labelling a pictureDraw a picture of a Pirate ship and label it. Remember to use clear arrows and explaining what the material is

Tuesday – Creating a Treasure Map On a piece of blank paper create a detailed treasure map for a desert island with three different settings for example woods, desert, waterfall. – Colour it in and describe it using similes and adjectives Similes – As hot as lava, as quick as a cheetah, as strong as a giant, as refreshing as water.

Wednesday – Setting Description – Choose one of the settings ( waterfall/desert/woods) from your treasure map and draw it, colour it and describe it using prepositions, adjectives and similes. Prepositions – Describe where something is – Above, behind, next to, in front of

Extension – Fronted adverbials – Before my eyes, In the distance, Next to the forest,

Thursday & FridaySenses poem – Create a senses poem for your treasure Island what you can see, hear, smell and feel.

e.g I can see the glistening water fall flowing

    Above my head are green vines clawing onto trees

    The leaves are as huge as a giants hand

    Through the trees a shimmer of sun is showing


Reading/Reading Eggs


Reading Eggs website

Read a book with your child and talk about the characters.

Topic (Geography/History



History & Computing – Use word to create a fact file on Captain Cook. Don’t forget to use Kiddle to help your research. Please find out 6 facts and write them in full sentences. Don’t copy and paste.

Art & Computing – Research Aboriginal art work using Kiddle and choose a design. Using pencil only have a go at drawing and shading your design.






LO: I can name and identify different plants

During your daily exercise or in your garden try to identify different plants and choose one to draw. Label all of the parts of the plant. Chose another plant if you’d like to.


Physical Activity




Create a circuit of activities e.g running on the spot, star jumps, marching and hopping, Time yourself for 30 seconds on each activity and see how many you can do.




Thursday Maths

Thursday Maths



 27 – 13 =

48 – 22 =

34 + 30 =

27 + 12 =

45 + 32 =

36 – 21 =

42 – 30 =

54 + 27 =

38 + 46 =

59 + 31 =

27 – 18 =

41 – 17 =

34 + 26 =

52 + 8 + 2 =

64 + 10 = 5 =

37 – 6 – 4 =


Spellings for the Week: