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Sponsored Walk 2018

SPONSORED WALK – Friday 25th May 2018


The Village School’s annual Sponsored Walk is going to take place on the afternoon of Friday 25th May 2018.


At the Nursery the children will go for a walk in the morning in the school field whilst undertaking a Nature Spotting Challenge!.


The Infant School children will also be undertaking a Nature and Science Spotting Challenge whilst they go for a walk in the afternoon around the village.


At the Junior School the children will be walking around the inner perimeter of the school trying to clock up as many laps as they are able in the time available during the afternoon.  A tally sheet will be sent home following the Sponsored Walk to give the number of laps of the school that your child has completed.


The event is a highlight of the year and aside from funds provided by the PTA it is the school’s main fundraising activity. Last year we raised over £4000 across both sites.  Your support for the sponsored walk is crucial to making the event a success so please do all that you can to support your child’s fund raising efforts.  Funds this year will be raised to wards IT equipment including Interactive Smart Boards for classes that do not yet have these. As Buckinghamshire Schools are among the worst funded in the country in terms of per pupil funding we need your help!


This year we have chosen to use the fundraising page Wonderful to collect donations, as unlike other companies they give 100% of the donation you make to the school along with the full Gift Aid amount.