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School reopening for Year 6 children - letters and information - Thursday 4th June

Year 6 parents - returning to school emails


Email - Monday 8th June


Dear Parents and Carers

We have had a number of additional emails from parents asking if there is a possibility their child can be moved into different phases, requests about friendship groups, requests about knowing which children are in each group.

When the initial email was sent asking for your preferences for your child, this is the information that was considered in the difficult task of accommodating all the requests and making the phased groups work.

The information has already been sent out to children in phase 1 and phase 2 regarding their return to school.

There is truly nothing more we would have liked than to be teaching all of your children, all together and for the situation to be different. We have worked hard to accommodate all of the original requests for the return, and are continuing to work hard on ensuring your children have the very best experience when they come back, feeling happy, safe and supported.

We thank-you again for helping your child with all their home learning.

Best Wishes

Miss Warner and Miss Murray

Phase 1 for Year 6 - drop off arrangements


Email - Monday 6th June


Good Afternoon, 


This week we have introduced our 'Year 6 Citizenship Award Challenge' within the planning proforma. Some of you may be familiar with these tasks but we thought it might be helpful to put together a Q&A grid for you to discuss with your children before they start to complete the tasks in the booklet.


Please find the document attached below, 


Kind regards, 


Miss Murray and Miss Warner