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Rotary Christmas Float timetable

Rotary Christmas Float 2019 -  Dates & Routes


Below are the dates that the Christmas Float will be coming to a Street near you.  Please feel free to let you friends and neighbours know. 


Collection times are 6pm to 8pm, except on Sunday 15th December which will be 5pm to 8pm and Saturday 21st December which will be 9.45am to 12.45pm


Whilst every effort will be made to stick to the dates and routes on this list, there maybe  some evenings where it is not possible to visit all streets listed.  Any amendments to be made will be updated throughout the month.


                                     Mon 2 Dec 19  

Kingsway/North Park/South Park/South Park Cres/Orchehill Ave/Orchehill Rise/Oval Way/ End/TheQueensway/Latchmore Arcrefield/ Greenway


                                    Tue 3 Dec 19  Chalfont St Giles

Bowstridge Ln/ Crossleys/ Seymour/ Gordon /Deanway/  Parsonage Road/ The Lagger/ Narcot Road / Narcot Way


                                    Wed 4 Dec 19                            

                                     STATIC - Gerrards Cross FESTIVAL


                                    Thur 5 Dec 19  

Leachcroft/ Gold Hill West/ Benchmanor Cr /Orchard/ Criss Grove/Layters/GroveLane/Green Lane Close/Avenue/Pond Lane/ 


                                     Fri 6 Dec 19 

Gaviots Way/ Fulmer Rd/ St Huberts/ Elmwood Fulmer Dri/ Uplands/ Daleside/ Dukes Cl/ Dukes Ride/Wood Drive/ Coombe Vale/Cheyn Close


                                     Sat 7 Dec 19  Chalfont St Giles                           

                                    STATIC - Chalfont St Giles Village Green


                                     Sun 8 Dec 19 

Meadway Park/ WindsorRoad/ Manor Lane/ Dukes Wood Drive/ HowardsThicket/ Howards Wood Dr/Fulmer Drive/  HighBeeches/ Birchdale/ The Glade


                                     Mon 9 Dec 19 

Bull Lane/Bentinc Close/ South View/ Austenwood Lane/  Maltmans Lane/Lewins Road/Priory Road/The Rowans


                                     Tue 10 Dec 19  

JoinersLane/ Joiners Cl/ Royal Cl/ The Drive/ Joiners Way/  Chesnut Walk/ Copthall Lane/ Hillfield/Grassingham/ Elms/ Hill Fm/ Highlands/ Ninnings


                                      Wed 11 Dec 19 

Woodbank Ave/ Donnay Close/ /Bulstrode Way/Layters Way/  MarshamWay/ WoodhillEstate/Mill Lane/ MorelandDrive/ VicarageWay/ Fulmer Way


                                      Thu 12 Dec 19 

High Street/ Grange Rd/ Croft Rd/ Hil Rise/St Marys/School Lane/ Cleland/ Lambscroft/ Ashlea RoadAustenway/  The Ridgeway


                                       Fri 13 Dec 19 Chalfont St Giles 

Silver Hill/  Bottrells Lane/ Albion Road/ Crescent/ Milton Fields/ Back Lane/ Grayburn /Sycamore Road/ The Deanway


                                       Sat 14 Dec 19               

                         Static Float Packhorse Road Gerrards Cross


                                      Sun 15 Dec 19

                                          5pm - 8pm 

Chalfont Heights/ Wheatley Way/ The Paddock/ Misbourne Avenue& roads off


                                     Mon 16 Dec 19 

Gables Close/ Foxdell/ Denham Lane/Deancroft/ Garners/  Scholars/ Bramble/Ricky Lane/ Monument Lane/  Hillside Cl/  Robins


                                    Tue 17 Dec 19  

Peterhill/ Northdown/ CheshamLane/ Cross Lanes/ Mid Cross/  Nortoft Rd/ Austenway/ Penshurst/ Cherrytree Lane 


                                    Wed 18 Dec 19 

Meadowcroft/ Orchard Grove, Hill Farm Rd/Nortoft Rd (top),  Copper Ridge/Lower Road GX/ Russett Hill/ The Grange


                                   Thur 19 Dec 19 

The Vale/Field Way/Boundary Road/ Penn Rd/Lovel Road/ Nicol Road/ Lansdown Rd/ Laurel Rd/Glebe Road/Eleanor Road/Pennington/ Grove Hill


                                   Fri 20 Dec 19  

                                Catchup for missed roads


                                  Sat 21 Dec 19 

                    9.45 AM - 12.45 PM - Static CSP


                                Tue 24 Dec 19 

                    8 AM - 4 PM - Static Tesco Gerrards Cross