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PTA Vouchers Scheme

Shop for Christmas with the

Shop for School Voucher Scheme


“The scheme is so simply brilliant. One quick email each month allows me to raise money for my children’s school .”


  • This scheme is based on a straight forward monthly order of gift cards from Tesco, Sainsbury and John Lewis/Waitrose.


  • This scheme offers you the flexibility to order as little as £20 and as much as £2000!


  • This scheme does not cost you a penny!


“I thought this scheme was complicated but I was encouraged to email Mrs Crosbie for more information.  I am so glad I did and I am proud to say I now regularly participate in this fantastic scheme.”


  • Send an email to for more information or to begin ordering
  • State the retailer you would like your vouchers from and how much
  • Send money either electronically, by cheque or cash (details available on request)
  • Wait between 7-10 days
  • Pick up your voucher from a convenient place (pick up available at the infant and junior schools)


“Fund raising has never been so easy and it doesn’t even cost me a penny. 

Why isn’t everyone doing it!”