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Pendant Palliser

'Pendent Palliser

Welcome to the best Palliser team ever for the mini enter-prize!!!Our team consists of Lucy, Rebecca, Amelia, Carys, Polly,

Callum, Iona and Emily.

This website will show you why you should buy our products!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Orbeez Stress Balls

Our Orbeez Stress Balls are translucent balloons containing colourful Orbeez, which are squishy jelly-like balls that inflate in water. They are highly unlikely to break due to the super-strength of the latex balloons.

Orbeez Stress Balls are used for releasing your anger; as they are very calming to squeeze.

They are non-toxic so if they burst then it won't be harmful but we still recommend that you wash your hands if they do.

They will be £1.50 each and we're sure it'll be worth it.

Lip Scrub

Our Lip Scrub is for removing the dead skin off your lips... It also looks great! They contain vaseline, suger, scents and colouring.

It is non-toxic but we still recommend not eating it. They cost £1.00 and they look amazing so remember to buy some at our stall!!!!!!!!!!