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P4C email - Tuesday 9th February

Dear All  

All the stormy weather and wind this weekend made the trees in our garden sway wildly and that got me thinking… what is it that makes trees stay in the ground and not topple over in the wind?

If you find out about trees, it is their roots that keep them anchored in the ground and stop them falling over. This made me think about our own roots- what are the things that help to keep you safe and feeling strong so that you don’t fall over when times are tricky? Talk about this with your grown up. Perhaps it is your family? Maybe it is your friends too? Maybe it is some of your hobbies and interests which help to keep you happy? Perhaps it is also having connections with school? It might also be connections within your faith or religion?

We all have different things that help to make us feel anchored and safe. What are at your roots? You could draw or write them on the tree below or you could talk about them with your grown up.

I hope you have a lovely, healthy and restful half term when we get there!

Mrs. March